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We have completed the judging of our 3rd Annual Children’s Essay Contest.  The winners of our contest are as follows:

Age 9-12:  
Overall Winner Trinity Rakes, daughter of Clifford Rakes
Best Message: Zachary Anderson, son of Jevin Anderson
Most Artistic/Creative: Serenity Anderson, daughter of Jevin Anderson
 Age 13-15  
 Overall Winner: Brooke Sims, daughter of Richard Sims
 Best Message: Best Message Ayanna Roberts, daughter of Larry Roberts
 Age 5-8:  
 Overall Winner: Landon Muse, son of Lucas Muse
 Age 9-12:  
 Overall Winner: Gage Arms, son of Lucas Muse
 Best Message: Brett Ransom, son of Damon Ransom

Thank you to all participants.  We appreciate everyone’s involvement in promoting safety awareness.  

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