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Every December, Blackhawk Transport has a Children's Essay content. The rules are:

  •           1 Paragraph essay covering the Topic of Safety and what it means to the child for his or her father/mother or grandfather/grandmother to be a SAFE Driver, and for Blackhawk to be a SAFE Trucking Company 
  •    1 Drawing to go with the essay
  •    Age Groups of 5-8, 9-12 and 13-15
  •    Categories of winners per group:  1) Best Message, 2) Most Artistic/Creative, and 3) Overall Winner
  •    Awards of $75 per category per group, with the overall winner of each group at $150.  These will come in the form of Toys“R”Us gift cards.
  •    A picture of the child, which would be turned in with the essay will have bonus points awarded by the judges, with additional bonus points if the child’s picture is with his/her driving parent/grandparent along with the completed photo release form
  •           We will also have Awards to the Account Managers for Most Participation, Winners, etc.
  •           We will also have a separate group for Office/Staff children/grandchildren
On Monday Dec. 21, 2015, the winners for the Children's Essay contest were announced. 

The Winners are: 

   Age 5-8:    
     Overall Winner:  Allyson Edwards, daughter of Cody Edwards
     Best Message: Presely Pittman, daughter of Jeff Pittman
     Most Creative: Joshua Coddington, son of Randy Coddington
   Age 9-12:    
    Overall Winner: Myah Matthews, daughter of Byron Matthews
     Best Message: Kaitlyn Hanlon-Scardina, daughter of Victor Scardina
  Age 12-15:    
    No Essays Entered  
  Age 5-8:    
    Overall Winner: Landon Muse, son of Lucas Muse
    Best Message: Jackson Easton, son of Jeff Easton
    Most Creative: Emily Grochal, granddaughter of Roland Miller
   Age 9-12:    
    Overall Winner: Sadie Grochal, granddaughter of Roland Miller
    Best Message: Gage Arms, son of Lucas Muse
  Age 13-15:    
    Overall Winner:  Gaven Banter, son of Lucas Muse

Thank you to all participants. We appreciate everyone's involvement in promoting safety awareness.

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