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2019 Children’s Essay Contest



Thank you to all the children the participated in our Children’s Essay Contest! We received 24 amazing essays, both written and video. Everyone did such a great job that it was extremely difficult to choose the winners! Essays were judged by Kristy Tabbert – SR HR Manager, Andrea Ellison – Benefits Coordinator, and Cassie Namminga – HR Assistant. Every child will receive a gift card, acknowledging them for their effort and participation.

Great job to all participants! Blackhawk Transport, INC. also appreciates the time invested with this project from the families. We value our associates and their families which makes this initiative so important to us! Blackhawk Transport, INC. takes great pride in always striving to provide the best for our employees including our Safety Culture. But Safety Culture should be practiced every time not just while someone is working. Talking about Safety with family members and our growing youth is such an intricate part of building a brighter future. We APPRECIATE the continued participation and look forward to next year!


Age Group:

4 – 6




Best Message:

Jada Brice – Daughter of Jalisa Hawkins



Most Creative:

Skylar Coddington – Great Grandchild of Kevin Romine


Click here to view Skylar's Video



Samuel Schwabb – Grandson of JC Farrell

Click here to view Samual's Video

Age Group: 

7 – 9



Best Message:

Nathan Schwabb – Grandson of JC Farrell

 Click here to view Nathan's Video

Most Creative:

Mazie Dailey – Daughter of Michael Dailey


Click here to view Mazie's Video


Hailee Pearsall – Daughter of Paulette Pearsall

Click here to view Hailee's 1st Video

Click here to view Hailee's 2nd Video

Age Group:

10 - 12


Best Message:

Trevor Dailey – Son of Michael Dailey

Click here to view Trever's Video

Most Creative:

Amari Perez – Son of Felicia Perez

Click here to view Amari's Video


Edward Coddington – Grandson of Kevin Romine

Click here to view Edward's Video 


 Other Entries
  Kyler - Grandson of Tracy Burgos


  Mason Lee - Granson of Terry Black
    Brady Toye-Grandson of Randy Toye
    Brendan Myers - Son of Jason Meyers 
  Lydia Burnette - Granddaughter Leon Burnett

Kyleigh Coddington - Great Granddaughter of Kevin Romine


Click here to view Kyleigh's Video
  Joshua Coddington - Grandson of Kevin Romine
 Click here to veiw Joshua's Video

  Janiya Brice - Daughter Jalisa Hawkins

  Amarie Mcquitter - Family Member of Jalise Hawkins
  Gavin - Grandson Tracy Burgos

  Devon - son of Chris O'Brian
  Tyler Toye - Grandson of Randy Toye
    Austin Myers - Son of Jason Myers
  Raeanna Canto - Family Member of Jalisa Hawkins 
  Elijah O'Brien - Son of Chris O'Brien
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