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October 9, 2012 – Blackhawk Transport is eager to offer its current and future customers a cleaner alternative to using diesel fueled trucks. Due out next year, the compressed natural gas (CNG) engine trucks will be added to Blackhawk’s dedicated fleet furthering their commitment to alternative fuels and providing clean-running, efficient trucks made in the U.S.A.

Compared to diesel fueled trucks, natural gas vehicles such as CNG trucks burn much cleaner — helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. CNG vehicles produce 20% less greenhouse gas emissions and have lower carbon output than equivalent diesel engines. At idle, it takes 10 CNG trucks to equal the noise of one diesel truck.

“We are particularly happy to provide a CNG fuel alternative to our dedicated fleet partners,” says President & CEO Mike Holloway. “Combined with our tractors’ lightweight setup, even the heaviest payload shippers will be able to utilize CNG fuel.”

Replacing private fleets with dedicated contracts offers Blackhawk Transport customers several advantages including the elimination of equipment capital costs and maintenance, insured DOT compliance and other regulatory requirements, and driver dispatch management.

About Blackhawk Transport, Inc.
Founded in 1990, Blackhawk Transport, Inc. is an asset-based dedicated contract transportation company. Blackhawk’s client list includes Nestle, Georgia Pacific, Wal-Mart, PODS and Maglio Produce. A sister company, Blackhawk Logistics LLC, focuses on freight management and design solutions. Together, the companies provide customers a complete supply chain solution. For more information about Blackhawk Transport & Logistics, visit
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