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Blackhawk Logistics Announces Creation of BH Lease Services, LLC.

Blackhawk Logistics’ expands services under new company created named BH Lease Services, LLC.

Beloit, May 7, 2015:  Blackhawk Logistics, LLC. announced they have created a new company named BH Lease Services, LLC in addition to their current service offerings provided by Blackhawk Transport, Inc. and Blackhawk Logistics, LLC, by adding this new entity to provide customers with long term leases for equipment.

“We are excited to now be able to provide our customers with tractor and trailer long term lease and equipment financing options” announced Blackhawk’s Director of Logistics Bob Medors.

BH Lease Services, LLC will focus on providing specialized tractor and trailer equipment to customers with private fleets who are not yet able or who are not interested in transitioning to Blackhawk Transport’s Dedicated Contract Services Platform.

 “We are very fortunate to have current partners where we have identified a good solution to complement our other services by providing low cost long term equipment leases, which we have started with few of our current clients.  One of which is in the Crude Oil Industry and the other is in the Special Metals Industry,” says Blackhawk Transport President/CEO Mike Holloway.

BH Lease Services’ focus is to use their buying power and low cost of Capital of the overall Blackhawk Entity to be able to provide private fleets with lower cost options for long term financing needs for customers with specialty equipment needs.  

In addition, BH Lease Services provides drivers who are BH Lease Services Employees who can run under a private fleet’s operating authority, with BH Lease Services as an owner operator under a long term service agreement.

Blackhawk Transport, Inc. is an asset-based Dedicated Contract solutions, market-to-market regional and service-sensitive long-haul trucking company in Beloit, Wisconsin focused on replacing private fleets, allowing customers to eliminate capital costs of equipment, equipment maintenance, D.O.T. compliance and other regulatory requirements as well as driver management and dispatch assignments.  

Blackhawk Logistics, LLC is a non-asset based Freight Management, Warehousing, and International Transportation provider based in Beloit, WI

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