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Our History

We founded Blackhawk Transport in 1990 with one R-model Mack and three Raven flatbed trailers. Today, we have almost 800 associates and operate an extensive fleet of lightweight equipment, vans, flatbeds, end dumps, refrigerated trailers, straight trucks, and tankers.  

With over 30 years of experience, Blackhawk Transport provides comprehensive transportation solutions to businesses across the country. Our integrated, satellite-dispatched fleet enables us to provide the highest level of service to our drivers and customers.

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Blackhawk Transport Employees


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Our mission is to build long-term partnerships with our customers by providing premier transportation and logistics services and serving as an extension of our customers’ business operations. We fulfill our mission by ensuring our people and our systems work together to provide solutions that eliminate waste, reduce cost, add value, and service the customer safely. We strive to exceed customer expectations by identifying and executing innovative solutions in complex operating environments.



Our vision is to continue to grow Blackhawk Transport by providing world-class customized, dedicated fleet, warehousing, and freight management services specific to each customer’s needs. Our unwavering commitment to empowering our drivers and associates to make decisions — complemented by advanced technology, training, and support — ensures we continue to develop the best transportation workforce in the country. Our staff, combined with our focus on continuous service and cost improvement, gives our customers a clear competitive advantage for managing an efficient and forever-changing supply chain strategy. 



Our core values are rooted in protecting and preserving the American dream. We believe every person has within themselves the ability to do great things, and we value helping people achieve the extraordinary.

Living our values ensures “Together WE GO FAR”!

Work Hard & Have Fun: We respect the passion of those who push themselves to their full potential, and the joy and positive energy our people bring to the workplace.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: We value continuous improvement and encourage innovation, imagination, critical thinking, and determination.


Give Back: We share what we have by donating our time and resources to help improve our communities and the world.

Opportunity: We believe everyone deserves a fair chance to pursue their dream, and we are committed to creating opportunities to allow for the growth and success of others.


Family: We care for our associates, their families, and our extended family of customers, and we rely on and trust in one another for continued support and collaboration.

American Pride: We pay tribute to our country, believe in the American Dream and all it stands for, and honor and respect the people who serve our great nation.

Respect: We treat every associate and customer with honesty and integrity, tapping into each person’s potential to ensure long-term success for everyone.



The Blackhawk Transport family prioritizes safety. Right.Now.-Right.Decision. is our everyday effort to make the morally correct decision. Drivers make hundreds of decisions that impact their safety and those of others who share the road.

We partner with our drivers so they have the support they need to return home safely from every trip.

Safety Standards

*CSA Scores – We proudly strive for best-in-class and continuously improving scores across all seven behavior analysis and safety improvement categories measured by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. 

*DOT Inspections – One inspection is good; two are better. For that reason, we conduct two inspections annually.

*Driver Safety Bonus – We know prioritizing safety takes time and perseverance. We reward drivers with bonuses for performance on spot DOT inspections and quarterly and annual safety compliance. Coming home safe and with extra cash is a win-win! 

*Tires – While other carriers may accept 2/32’s tread, our safety standards are 4/32’s. Proactive replacement of tires is critical to our driver safety and reducing downtime due to blowouts and flats. 

*Monthly Newsletters – Our dedicated safety manager and the maintenance team publish "The Blackhawk Standard," a monthly newsletter with important safety reminders, technology reviews, and upcoming bonus opportunities. 

*Family Involvement – Our safety department sponsors quarterly calls for drivers AND their families. Family members can learn more about safety initiatives and share information. The quarterly calls allow spouses, significant others, and even children to ask questions and learn more about the organization and one another. 

*HEROES – Drinking and driving kills an average of 28 people per day in the U.S. – about one person every 52 minutes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  Our HEROES program – "Helping, Each Other, Recognize and Report, Ongoing, Employee, Substance Abuse" – provides training and support services for individuals impacted by substance abuse. 

*Driver Recognition – We value safety and fun! We invite top drivers to compete in the annual Blackhawk Transport Truck Rodeo.  Drivers and their families travel to Blackhawk Transport headquarters in Beloit, Wisconsin, to show off their driving skills and earn cash prizes. It’s more than bragging rights; it's a fun weekend of recognition for the best of the best drivers in the country. 

*Award-Winning Safety Records – Great West Casualty Insurance Company consistently recognizes Blackhawk Transport as a High-level operator for outstanding achievement in highway safety. Armstrong and Associates Top 25 dedicate contractor Carriage 2022.

Bi-Annual Full Equipment DOT Inspections To Ensure Our Equipment Is Up To Standards.
Tire Replacement
We Replace Tires Earlier Than Our Competitors At 4/32's
We're Recognized As A High-level Operator
Ensuring the use of five-minute Idle Shutoffs
Using auxiliary power units
Installing aerodynamic accessories
Requiring routine & proper truck maintenance
New Models
Utilizing a fleet of fuel-efficient trucks
Optimizing routes to reduce empty truckloads

Sustainability Standards

Blackhawk Transport places a high priority on the environment.

We are a registered partner of SmartWay, an EPA program that supports businesses' efforts to be environmentally responsible. We are proud to be a recognized High Performer in the SmartWay carbon use category.

We manage our fuel consumption and reduce emissions by using environmentally sustainable practices.

We are committed to innovation and remaining at the forefront of modern technology. We work with groups such as CalSMART and NACFE and believe electric vehicles and alternative fuel transportation with zero tailpipe carbon emissions are critical to our long-term commitment to sustainability.