Why Choose Blackhawk Transport

When you chose Blackhawk Transport, you are family


When you work for Blackhawk Transport, you become family. Ours has grown significantly over the past 10 years from 110 to almost 800 associates today. Commitment to our family-first approach has only become more robust. Our 600 drivers comprise the center of our family, and over 25% of drivers have more than five years of service. Our management and support team has an average of 10 years of service.

Why do people stay at Blackhawk Transport? We offer highly competitive pay rates, an employee benefits package significantly above industry standards, and a focus on safety and respect. No one is a number at Blackhawk Transport. 

We divide our areas of operation into five national regions and support dedicated hubs in over 30 cities. When customers need a new location, we are prepared and can quickly add capacity.

We have opportunities for all types of CDL drivers. 

Join the Blackhawk Family


of the driving force is local and home every night


is regional and at home for a reset at least weekly


is long-haul dedicated and out for four to six weeks at a time

Blackhawk Transport Employee Benefits

Blackhawk Transport is proud to offer our family of drivers and support staff a highly competitive, best-of-class employee benefits program. Our benefit offerings consistently beat industry benchmarks for overall value and affordability.  Economic security and predictable expenses are crucial to every family, especially drivers out on the road.

Our comprehensive benefit plan offerings include:

Health insurance

Dental insurance

Vision insurance

Life insurance

Accidental death & Dismemberment insurance

Short and long-term disability insurance

Flexible spending accounts

401(k) employee retirement program with company-matching contributions

Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield has a national network of providers, ensuring our employees have access to high-quality, in-network medical care no matter where they are in the U.S. Blue Cross Blue Shield is a recognized brand that provides health insurance to one in three Americans. 

What makes our plan better:

  • Our plan ranks in the top 85% of plans for value and affordability.
  • Our plan pre-tax premiums are 10% lower than industry benchmarks and 32% lower for families.
  • Our plan has an ultra-low $500 annual deductible, over 60% less than benchmark group health plans.
  • Our plan maximum out-of-pocket expense is only $1,750.
  • Our plan offers superior RX coverage with low point-of-service copays of only:
    • $10 copay for generic
    • $50 copay for preferred brands
    • $80 copay for non-preferred and specialty drugs



Dental Coverage Benefits

Dental Insurance

Delta Dental is a leader in the dental insurance market, covers over 30 million employees, and has contracts with two of every three dentists.

Weekly premiums are 13% lower than benchmark plans, and the maximum annual reimbursement is almost 17% higher. 

Routine preventative care (2x per year cleaning and exam and one set of x-rays) is covered at 100%. 

There is a $50 deductible for basic and restorative services and a coinsurance of 20% for basic services and 50% for restorative services.

The annual maximum benefit is $1,750. 

Vision Insurance

Vision Insurance

For less than $4 a week, you can ensure your entire family has access to quality eye exams, discounted glasses and contacts, and reimbursements for frames and lenses.

Coverage includes an annual eye exam, standard lenses, and a $130 allowance for frames or contacts. 


Flex Spending - Medical

Flexible Spending Accounts – Medical

If you want to reduce your taxable income further and save money on deductibles and co-insurance, sign up for a medical flexible spending account, 

You decide how much to contribute to your account, up to a maximum of $3,050. Your total contribution is immediately available for out-of-pocket expenses such as deductibles, copays, prescription medications, dental work, and vision expenses. You can roll over up to $610 if you don't use all of your contribution in the current year.


Flex Spending - Childcare

Flexible Spending Accounts – Dependent Care

Do you have childcare expenses? With a dependent care FSA, you can pay your daycare expense with pre-tax dollars. You can contribute up to $2,500 if you are single or up to $5,000 if your tax status is married, filing jointly, and your spouse doesn't contribute. After you make your contribution, the money is available to pay for licensed daycare for a child under the age of 13, elder care, or a mentally disabled child or parent.



401(k) Retirement Savings Plan

After six months of employment, Blackhawk Transport encourages staff to participate in the 401(k) retirement savings plan. Individuals can make pre- or post-tax (Roth) contributions to their 401(k) account. Blackhawk Transport matches employee contributions at 50 cents on the dollar up to 5% of compensation. The company match is subject to a vesting schedule. If you have an account with a previous employer, you can roll it into your Blackhawk Transport account immediately.

Employee Testimonials

I like working for Blackhawk because they have good equipment and they are flexible with personal needs. They will find loads to keep you working during customers’ slow time if you want it.

- Chuck F, Driver, 12 years of service

Safety Standards


At Blackhawk Transport, we empower our team members to always make the Right.Now.-Right.Decision. We recognize the decisions each person makes not only impact themselves, but also their fellow team members, our customers, and the motoring public. Each person within our company plays a critical role in our safety program, and working together as a team is what drives our success.


Safety Standards

Coming home safe and with extra cash is a win-win!
We pay safety bonuses for passing spot DOT inspections and quarterly and annual safety compliance checks.