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Blackhawk Transport

Blackhawk Transport was founded in 1990 with one R model Mack and three Raven flat bed trailers.

As a Hendricks Holding Company, Blackhawk Transport has continued to grow through customer expansion as well as acquisition.

Blackhawk TruckToday, we run a mix of company trucks and Owner/Operator trucks. Our fleet is comprised of Vans, Flatbeds, and Conestogas available throughout the US and Canada.

Blackhawk trucks are satellite dispatched and tracked, which enables us to provide the highest level of service to our drivers and customers.

Through our Dedicated Contract Solutions, we provide customers with a wide variety of equipment services including but not limited to lightweight equipment, end dumps, refrigerated trailers, straight trucks, and tankers.

Let us know if you're interested in CNG/LNG powered fleets.

Our Mission Statement:


To be the choice provider of transportation services to key long-term partners, where we function and perform as a true extension of our customer’s business.  Our people and our systems work together to provide solutions and results in eliminating waste, reducing costs, adding value, and servicing the customer safely, while surpassing expectations by identifying and executing new solutions in a complex operating environment.


Blackhawk will continue to grow by providing World Class Customized Solutions specific to each customer’s needs in order to execute and continuously measure and improve in the service and cost for the operations of the Dedicated Fleet, Warehousing, and Freight Management Services. This gives our customers a clear competitive advantage from an efficient and forever changing supply chain strategy. 

We share in the same core purpose as our ownership group and are dedicated to promoting and preserving the American Dream by helping people accomplish the extraordinary – based on our fundamental belief that every person has within themselves the ability to do great things. 

Our unwavering commitment to empower our people to make decisions, complimented by providing new technology, training, and support, will ensure that we continue to develop experienced and motivated employees, in order to become one of America’s “Best Places to Work.”



We treat every associate and customer with honesty and integrity, tapping into each person's potential to ensure long-term success for everyone.


We believe that every associate deserves a fair chance to pursue his or her dream, and that we are all obliged to create opportunities that allow for the growth and success of others.

 Work Hard — Have Fun

We respect the passion shown by associates who push themselves to find their full potential, and we appreciate the positive energy that our people bring to the workplace.

 Entrepreneurial Spirit

We continuously improve our business practices by encouraging innovation, imagination, critical thinking, and determination from associates at every level.


We care for our associates, their families, and our extended family of customers beyond organizational relationships; we rely on and trust in one another for continued support and collaboration.

 Give Back

We express gratitude for what we have by donating our time and resources; we share what we have to help improve our communities and our world.

            American Pride

We pay tribute to our country, believe in the American Dream and all it stands for, and honor and respect the men and women who serve our great nation.

 Sustainability at Blackhawk


Blackhawk Transport is in an industry that has often overlooked the climate and the negative impacts we may have on it. In transportation as a whole, medium and heavy duty trucks make up 6% of the vehicles on the road and consume 26% of petroleum based fuels. In 2019, transportation accounted for about 29% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Here at Blackhawk, it is a priority to build an environmentally sustainable company for the betterment of ourselves, our customers, and our communities.

Currently, we are doing our part to provide efficient solutions to our customers. There are several ways we limit our fuel consumption, and ultimately our emissions, here at Blackhawk. These include five minute idle shutoffs, auxiliary power units, fuel efficient trucks, aerodynamic accessories, and proper truck maintenance. Full truckloads and route optimization decreases any empty movements made by our equipment. Additionally, Blackhawk is a registered partner with SmartWay, an EPA program that encourages businesses to be environmentally responsible when managing transportation. Because of our current efforts, we earned a ‘High Performer” award as a SmartWay mixed truck carrier in the Carbon recognition category in 2021. 

While we are proud of our efforts so far, innovation is at the forefront . Technology continues to advance, and we are working to stay up to date. Electric vehicles are leading the way in alternative fuel transportation (zero tailpipe carbon emissions), and they may be integrated into our company in the near future. By working with groups such as CalSMART, NACFE, and others, we may soon be able to provide customers with electric spotting operations and charging stations to power these vehicles. The future is bright, and we are committed to providing for both our people and our environment.

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