Long-Haul Dedicated Careers

Long-Haul Dedicated Careers With Blackhawk Transport

Our long-haul dedicated fleet replacement opportunities are primarily for flatbed trailers hauling moving and storage containers. Our long-haulers are out for three to six weeks at a time. 

Common domiciles for our long-haul drivers include TX, IL, WI, FL, GA, NJ, PA, OH, VA, OK, LA, and IN.

We have a diversified customer base with many great options to find the best fit for the driver.

Long-haul dedicated support

Dedicated customer options with regular customer delivery and pickup locations. Some accounts have regular/set runs while others have continuous moves, but the driver may set his/her own ETA’s.


Available Long-Haul Careers




Maintenance & Safety

Bring a Co-Pilot

Pet & Driver Friendly

Long-Haul Benefits

Long-Haul Dedicated Driver Benefits

Get out and see parts of the country you’ve always wanted to visit as a long-haul driver. Many of our driving positions offer the flexibility provided by being pet and rider friendly, while offering 24/7 maintenance and safety coverage, world-class health insurance, and an abundance of additional employee resources.


Why Drive for Blackhawk Transport?

Dedicated long-haul driver support, an emphasis on safety, and the commitment we make to our people, our customers and everyone we encounter on the road is what makes Blackhawk Transport an extraordinary company to work for.


Why Blackhawk Transport

Employee Testimonial

I am a former teacher who left the teaching profession in 2019 in order to team drive with my husband. Great thing about being a teacher is you get to build relationships. The great thing about being a Blackhawk team member is you get to continue to build relationships through driving. As a result, my relationship with my husband is stronger than ever, and our family financial goals are now being achieved. Blackhawk is a family of relationships, and Blackhawk makes America a better place one stop at time.

- Marcy S, Driver, 4 years of service


Long-Haul Dedicated Safety

Our long-haul dedicated routes cover known familiar locations. Depending on the routes you’re working, if there are specific safety considerations, we’ll make sure you are comfortable with them. From the Great Plains to the Rocky Mountains, we’ll provide you the training necessary to be confident to make the Right.Now.-Right.Decision.


Blackhawk Transport Safety

Tire Replacement
We Replace Tires Earlier Than Our Competitors At 4/32's