One of our core values at Blackhawk Transport is supporting an individual’s entrepreneurial spirit. If you are a driver or working in the transportation industry and want to move into the management and administrative ranks, contact us about our customized management trainee program.  

We identify three to four aspiring individuals to join our management intern training program each year. Each participant spends time in all operating departments learning the detailed and complex interaction of all core functions of the dedicated freight trucking business. Program participants choose a project that links their interests and future career aspirations with a list of organizational needs. Participants lead the project from development to implementation and present their final work to company executives and owners.

Management Trainee Program

Each management intern works with leadership to develop additional opportunities for leadership and growth in their chosen specialty. Our management training interns are ultimately placed in the organization's middle management and administrative roles. 

We currently have staff working in HR, IT, safety, and account management roles who came through the management training program. We have office locations in Wisconsin and Texas, as well as driver management and customer account manager locations throughout the U.S. Depending on your background and skills, we can customize a program specific to your interest and location.


The Blackhawk Transport Culture

Blackhawk Transport's culture starts with our values. "Together We Go Far" isn't just a catchphrase; it’s a way of life. We work collaboratively as a team and as a family to support our customers and one another. We believe hard work should be fun and rewarding. We prioritize the safety of our drivers and treat one another with respect. 

Trainee Testimonials

The management trainee program has been an exceptional opportunity for me as a recent college graduate. Through this program, I have gained valuable knowledge on the inner workings of our organization and further developed critical skills that college couldn’t teach me such as By participating in this program, I was able to get a great understanding of how all the different departments within the organization operate. This led to having a better feel for my position and showed my importance within the organization. The experience showed me just how the organization contributes to the overall success of Blackhawk Transport & Logistics. While I learned many important skills in college, nothing compares to the knowledge that I was able to gain throughout this program. I was able to further develop critical skills such as leadership, problem-solving, and decision-making. College was a great stepping stone, but I feel like the management trainee program really elevated my professional career. I highly recommend this program to anybody looking to gain valuable experience coming out of college. This program made me a better employee at Blackhawk Transport & Logistics and a better professional in my field.

- Gunner B, IT Support Technician


Our successful growth as a company is based on hardworking individuals who thrive on being part of a team. With our fast success and continuous growth, we are proud of the success stories of individuals who come from a wide range of experiences (military, college graduates, drivers, etc.) and have been promoted to mid- and upper-level management positions.