Blackhawk Transport Working Culture

Blackhawk Transport's culture starts with our values. "Together We Go Far" isn't just a catchphrase; it’s a way of life. We work collaboratively as a team and as a family to support our customers and one another.  We believe hard work should be fun and rewarding. We prioritize the safety of our drivers and treat one another with respect. 

Employee Testiminial

One of the reasons I have for my longevity is the management team over 20 years ago gave me the opportunity to be a part of something that was going to grow into a successful journey. I started with Blackhawk right out of driver's school. My dad was a truck driver that stood on values; he always said, ‘If you're not going to do the job right, then don’t do the job.’ I started driving and then went into the shop and up to the office where I thought I could help new as well as seasoned drivers. I feel Blackhawk has been heading in the right direction. Management here is fair, and there is opportunity here if you want to take advantage of it. Thanks for giving me the opportunity.

- James R, Maintenance Technician, 24 years of service 

Corporate Careers


Health, Dental, & Vision

Corporate Chaplain

personal counseling

professional and confidential

employee assistance program

Corporate Benefits

Corporate Career Benefits

The satisfaction and happiness of our employees is essential at Blackhawk Transport, and we strive to deliver a great experience by offering world-class benefits.

A Different Trucking Company

It is our dedication to living our values, safety, driver support, and unparalleled customer service. Our reputation as an employer and a dedicated fleet replacement service is well-known in the transportation industry.


Why Blackhawk Transport


The longevity and industry experience of our management team is a significant advantage to our customers and our organizational culture. Our team is cohesive and ensures the organization continuously operates consistent with our culture and values.

Mike Holloway President/CEO 31 years
Kevin McGrath V.P. of Logistics 35 years
Bob Medors V.P. of Operations 36 years
Jeff Easton V.P. of Finance 13 years
Josh Vining Director of Risk Management 10 years
Kristy Tabbert Director of HR & Recruiting 7 years
Paulette Pearsall I.T. Support Manager 11 years



Management Trainee Program

One of our core values at Blackhawk Transport is supporting an individual’s entrepreneurial spirit. If you are a driver or working in the transportation industry and want to move into the management and administrative ranks, contact us about our customized management trainee program.  


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